Day Trip to Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Last weekend I went on a day trip to Hitachi Seaside Park with a couple of my Indonesian friends. I was so ready—I had planned my outfit, packed my bag days ahead and woke up early, but of course. Being a complete clueless fella when it comes to directions, I made us wait to board on the wrong train and as a result we had to re-purchase another set of tickets. It was an expensive lesson learnt, but regardless of our travel predicament we just can't let Kochia's fleeting fall scene slip through our fingertips, and to add in to that, we had booked a travel package for this trip as well.

It was around 10:45am when we arrived but the park was already packed to its brim with people, from tourists to locals taking their beautiful, well-groomed dogs for a walk—everyone is in to catch the flaming red foliage of Kochia while they can. It was a landscape that we had never experienced before—a sea of vigorous, rounded Kochia shrubs flaunting its brilliant crimson tint that was picture-perfect against the clear blue sky. Despite the weekend crowd, surprisingly there were moments where the crowd will flock in other parts of the hill, leaving a small window of opportunity for us to sneak in for photos without people in them. We had the whole day to just roam around and snap, snap—snap until we were completely satisfied with what we've got, and went home boarding the correct train this time.


  1. Omg this looks like an awesome place!! I just followed you on Bloglovin :)

  2. Rosaaa, so pretty! Always loving the calming tone of your pics!
    Hitashi Seaside Park is truly a piece of heaven on earth <3
    I feel like bringing some Kochias back home and place them at the balcony xD
    Can't wait to meet you this weekend!


  3. So beautiful!!! Will absolutely visit this place on my next trip to Japan!
    By the way, I followed you on Bloglovin! :)

    Novreica |

  4. Your pictures are amazing !!!
    I am totally in love with your blog